Celebrating Our 2023 Hear for the Holidays Winner

01/31/2024 | Hear for the Holidays

Our team couldn’t be more excited to announce the deserving winner of our Hear for the Holidays giveaway.

It’s time to reveal our 2023 Hear for the Holidays winner! Our team couldn’t be more excited to announce the deserving winner of our Hear for the Holidays giveaway. If you’re not familiar with Hear for the Holidays, it’s a tradition that began in 2009 and has been carried on as a way to give back to patients during the holiday season. We’re always proud to participate!

We received many nominations from friends and family members of wonderful people with a hearing loss. While we wish we could select everyone entered to receive personalized hearing care and hearing aids, we can only choose one winner.

We’re excited to announce 2023’s winner of our Hear for the Holidays Giveaway… Judy! Join us in giving Judy a round of applause!

Judy’s Story

Judy was nominated by two loved ones. These nominations speak volumes about what a selfless, caring person Judy is and why she deserves to be our 2023 winner!

Laura said of Judy in her nomination, “She has worked hard and even though she has never gained great wealth of any kind, she has pushed through to do her best and help her family each day and month. What she couldn’t do financially to help she would do through actions of helping her kids and the grandkids and with the home chores. She has gone without so many times and places others before herself.”

Judy received a second nomination from Tina, who wrote, “Judy cannot afford hearing aids and tries her hardest to help others in need. Judy talks to all of the stray animals around Buffalo Gap (deer, skunks, raccoons, cats, etc.) and leaves food out for them.

2023 Hear for the Holidays Campaign WInner, Judy Royall

Judy cannot hear her kids, grandkids, great grandkids enough, so relationships have been strained and almost nonexistent over the last 5 years as a result. Judy deserves to have those relationships back and enjoy the sounds of the animals she loves to see, enjoy the sounds of the little great grandkids playing, enjoy being able to have her grandkids WANT to come and see her because she can hear them and talk with them finally. Judy deserves that joy that we all take for granted instead of being isolated and lonely in a silent world. Judy also deserves to be safe because she could never hear an intruder, something falling near her, the tornado siren, someone crying, someone yelling to warn her of something, and she does not hear a phone ring nor is she able to talk on the phone. Everyone deserves happiness and safety. Please help give her this gift back!”

We can’t wait to see how Judy’s life changes now that she can receive the care she needs and rightfully deserves!

Thank You for Your Ongoing Support

Choosing one winner is always a difficult decision, and we are so grateful to everyone who participated. Your nominations play a critical role in our mission to care for our community and change lives through better hearing.

At Holland Hearing Center, we are dedicated to helping you to achieve better hearing through a methodical combination of great technology and award-winning care. If you or someone you know is experiencing signs of hearing loss, we encourage you to get in touch with us by calling our office at (325) 437-4730 or by requesting a callback. Our team would be honored to guide you through your journey to better hearing.

Thank you for being a part of our community’s story, and we look forward to continuing our Hear for the Holidays tradition for many years to come!

Get To Know Our Winner

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Dr. Kelsi Mangrem AU.D, FAAA

Dr. Kelsi Mangrem received her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, as well as her Doctorate of Audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). Whether a patient, employee, or industry colleague, the philosophy of service to others resonates throughout her character.

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