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Tinnitus is a condition where someone hears sounds in their ears that aren’t produced amid their surroundings.

While some hear classic ringing noises, others witness buzzing or static sounds. These are often unique to individuals and match the pitch where their hearing loss is most acute. Some people’s tinnitus is mild and intermittent. But others struggle with the condition over a lifetime, finding it a burden on their work and social lives.

In general, tinnitus worsens when those with the condition become conscious of it. The stress caused by the ringing sensation can produce a range of side effects, including anxiety, depression, and anger. Tinnitus may also make other noises appear louder–increasing a person’s sensitivity to their hearing problem. Both these issues can further exacerbate someone’s symptoms.

For many years, doctors of audiology lacked the understanding to help patients with tinnitus. But now, scientific research in this field has advanced dramatically. Holland Hearing Center can now offer patients a range of excellent, proven treatment options.

How Do We Treat Tinnitus?

Sadly, like many hearing conditions, there is no essential cure for tinnitus. But we can relieve its symptoms and greatly improve a person’s quality of life with alternative treatments. Some may find these more effective than others. The doctors of audiology at Holland Hearing work closely with patients to decide how best to aid their individual conditions. Some of the options at their disposal include:

  • Hearing aids – These can correct a person’s hearing loss and reduce their tinnitus.
  • Sound maskers – These diminish ringing sounds and decrease someone’s awareness.

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