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When golfing legend Arnold Palmer was fitted with hearing aids as a golfer on the senior tour, he was impressed by how much it improved his game. In addition to balance and overall situational awareness, Palmer noted that his capacity to hear the crisp click of the club on the ball when hit properly was among the most important advantages he noticed.

Traveling to Fort Worth or Austin for expert hearing care can be a challenge for Brownwood, TX residents. Thanks to Holland Hearing, the Big Country’s most trusted hearing care experts are closer to home in Abilene, offering personalized hearing care through comprehensive hearing assessments, access to advanced technology hearing aids, tinnitus management, and more.

A Hearing Assessment Is Your First Step to Better Hearing

Even though few of us are sports professionals, we continue to enjoy a variety of sports and pastimes that are greatly enhanced through improved hearing and balance.

The sooner you seek treatment by scheduling a hearing assessment, the easier it will be to continue to enjoy your favorite sports without missing a beat. Your best opportunity to maximize your ability to hear for the rest of your life comes from identifying your hearing loss as early as possible.

A hearing assessment in our Abilene clinic is essential for identifying the type and severity of your hearing loss as well as the foundation for developing personalized hearing care that meets your specific needs.

Advanced Technology Hearing Aids Are Available in Brownwood, TX

An image of those bulky, heavy, and frustrating contraptions your parents or grandparents wore is probably what comes to mind when you think of hearing aids.

Hearing aid technology, just like cell phone and other digital technology, has advanced at a rapid pace over the past decade. Modern hearing aids are streamlined, lightweight, discreet, tech friendly, and far more powerful than the devices of decades past.

Today’s devices feature more natural hearing clarity with reduced background noise and the capability to connect directly to your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital technology for an enhanced hearing experience.

Tinnitus Management for Texans in the Big Country

Those experiencing the ringing, buzzing, or hissing of tinnitus often struggle to focus, relax, or get to sleep.

The results of this added stress are anxiety, frustration, and/or depression along with other adverse mental and physical health consequences. Holland Hearing specializes in helping our Brownwood area patients manage the symptoms of tinnitus.

Get the tinnitus relief you or a loved one requires to return to a more rewarding and productive lifestyle by scheduling a tinnitus assessment in our Abilene clinic.

Take Advantage of Safe/Convenient Alternative Appointments

Our patients are the most important part of our practice at Holland Hearing, and that’s why we go the extra mile to provide hearing care that meets your need for safety and/or convenience through our curb-side and tele-audiology appointment alternatives.

You can get excellent hearing care support without leaving the comfort of your vehicle by using our Curbside Service. From the curb at our Abilene clinic, our hearing care professionals offer a clean and check on your hearing aid(s), repair your device, help with troubleshooting or adjustments, hearing tests, and additional services to meet your needs.

Whenever traveling, schedules, or other challenges make attending an appointment in Abilene unworkable, you can take advantage of a tele-audiology appointment. Our no-contact alternative became a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but tele-audiology continues to be a safe and convenient solution to provide better hearing care from the comfort of your Brownwood home or wherever you are.

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