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Gary Morris

“I could go anywhere in the world, I choose to come to Holland Hearing Center.”

Gary Morris – Legendary Country Artist

Dr. Kelsi Mangrem Au.D., FAAA, Audiologist and Owner of Holland Hearing

A Personal Message From Dr. Kelsi Mangrem

“Although some people believe that the solution to a hearing loss is simply hearing technology, the truth is those who have worn hearing aids, and those who have worked with hearing aids, know it’s not the device that keeps you hearing your best. It’s what comes after being fit with the device that helps you both today and for the rest of your life.

The much more important part of the process is working with the right team of experts who have helped many others to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for.

“At Holland Hearing Center, we have been caring for the hearing health of Abilene since 2004 and have built a reputation for adopting the highest set of audiological standards through a meticulous process of industry-leading best practices.

“By achieving better hearing for thousands of local people, it has seen us voted as the Best Hearing Aid Provider for 15 consecutive years and trusted by many local physicians and medical professionals.

“But as you know, great healthcare is only a part of the jigsaw. The other equally important part is working with people that you enjoy spending time with, can call friends, and look forward to visiting.

“Through our ‘Family’ level of care, our annual campaigns, and our patient get-togethers, you’ll not just achieve better hearing, but you’ll also make a bunch of new lifelong friends in the process.

“The experience has been described as ‘advanced hearing healthcare with a big heart!’

“If you or a loved one is concerned about your hearing, then hand on heart, I can promise you that you’re in the right place, and my team and I are here to help you on your journey.”

Dr kelsi Mangrem signature

Come On In to Holland Hearing

Wishing you knew what our space looks like before coming to see us? Discover it here! Take a look inside at our advanced technology, see our expert care in action, and meet our inviting staff of hearing care professionals before you even walk through the door.

Welcome to Holland Hearing, where we’re changing lives through better hearing each and every day.

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

When Was The Last Time You Had A Hearing Evaluation?

Hearing loss happens gradually, and a lot of times, unknowingly. Others may actually notice it before you do.

Being proactive with your hearing health by catching hearing loss as early as possible actually gives you the best chance at maximizing your hearing ability for the rest of your life.

This is why it’s important you do something now. Get your hearing tested.


Collin Tate, hearing instrument specialist of Holland Hearing in Abilene, TX with a patient
Latest hearing aids by ReSound at Holland Hearing

Advanced Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

The Latest Prescription Hearing Technology

Hearing technology has progressed at the same pace as all other technologies over the past ten years. With this, the stigma that was once associated with hearing aids has dissipated.

The latest technology is not only effective, but sleek, discreet, and tech friendly.

However, the right technology is only a tool used in your hearing treatment. Our team of experienced audiologists customizes this tool to your specific hearing plan to best meet your needs for both now, and the years to come.



Abilene’s Tinnitus Specialists

With tinnitus being one of the most common challenges many of us face, has it impacted your ability to focus, concentrate, or sleep? We see this stress inducing symptom, often leading to anxiety, frustration, or sometimes depression.

As tinnitus specialists, we help our patients manage the challenges brought on by their tinnitus through a comprehensive and personalized process.

If you’re having challenges and would like our help, contact us today.


Dr. Kelsi Mangrem Au.D., FAAA with Dr. Sue Ann Holland-Vargas Au.D., FAAA and Collin Tate Hearing Instrument Specialist

What Our Patients Say

Being a musician is extremely taxing on your hearing…

How Hearing Loss Was Impacting Richard Imgraham

Janet no longer has to have the TV so loud.

My experience with Holland Hearing from day one was wonderful!

How Holland Hearing Center changed Santiago’s life

‘A wonderful, professional, personalized service’ – Noel’s story

‘My family are delighted, and so am I’ – Mr. Bowen’s story

Bill says ‘don’t hesitate to make an appointment’.

I recommend Holland Hearing Center to everyone

Getting help is simple and easy and very rewarding

Pat’s quality of life has been vastly improved

I don’t feel complete without my hearing aids

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"Quality products at a great price and they treat you like part of the family"

by Todd H.

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by Glen P.

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