Professional Earwax (Cerumen) Removal in Abilene, TX

A buildup of earwax can make your ears feel like they’re blocked or clogged up, and it can also muffle and diminish certain sounds, making you think you are experiencing a hearing loss.

Built-up or impacted earwax can also cause your hearing test to produce an inaccurate result. Friends, neighbors, and online friends can be quick to suggest remedies for cleaning the earwax out of your ears, but these remedies are not always the safest and most effective solution.

The most effective and safest way to protect your ears and prevent future damage is to have an ear cleaning by a hearing care expert.

Come see us at Holland Hearing Center for this if you’re in Abilene or its surrounding areas.

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Hearing professional of Holland Hearing Abilene, TX performing earwax extraction

A Few Facts about Earwax

Because it can be something of a nuisance, you might be wondering why earwax or cerumen even exists.

Earwax is a valuable part of hearing health because it traps small bits of dirt and dust from going farther down your ear canal to the inner ear. It also has natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities that help prevent ear infections.

Normally, as you talk and chew, the clumps of earwax work their way out of the ear canal where they either drop out or can be wiped away. Hearing aids, hearing protection earplugs, or earbuds can prevent earwax from getting all the way to the outer ear canal.

When earwax doesn’t come out on its own, it can begin to cause problems in the form of a sudden, temporary hearing loss, vertigo, ear pain, headaches, dizziness, and/or a full feeling in the affected ear(s).

The Myths & Misconceptions Surrounding Earwax

Myth #1 – “I have more earwax than is normal.”

This is unlikely. Most of our patients have a regular amount of earwax that does its job in keeping their ears protected, but sometimes we see patients who clean out their ears too much, and this can lead to the body making extra.

Myth Remedy #2 – “I can just watch a few online videos on how to clean out my ears.”

Everyone is an “expert” online these days. Much of their advice is given from their own web surfing rather than from professional training, with unreliable results. Please don’t sacrifice the best care for a quick, possibly dangerous fix.

Myth Remedy #3 – “I can clean out my earwax with cotton swabs or Q-tips.”

We absolutely do not recommend this. It can be so damaging to the ears because it pushes the earwax farther down your ear canal until it gets impacted near your eardrum. This can be potentially dangerous and make removal more difficult.

Myth Remedy #4 – “I’ll wait it out and my ears will clean themselves.”

This simply won’t happen. Impacted earwax won’t clear out on its own, and if an infection has started and is untreated, you could end up with a permanent hearing loss.

Hearing professional of Holland Hearing Abilene, TX performing earwax extraction
State-of-the-art earigator at Holland Hearing

What You Can Expect during an Earwax Removal Appointment at Holland Hearing

At Holland Hearing Center, we offer earwax removal appointments. Our hearing care experts are qualified and trained to perform this service for you so you’ll never have to wait long for an appointment.

There’s little reason to be worried over what happens during an earwax removal appointment. Our earwax consultations begin the same way as our hearing tests.

Here’s what you can expect:

#1 – We’ll Talk About Your Reasons For Your Visit

We’ll walk with you to one of our private rooms and once there, ask some questions to help us understand exactly what’s been bothering you about your ears and get an idea of what might be behind it. We’ll also ask you about any past problems with your ears and your hearing history.

#2 – We’ll Do A Visual Examination Of Your Ears

We will look at the visible part of your ear and then at the inner part with a professional video otoscope. You’ll be able to see on a screen what we see, which might be wax buildup or a small foreign object causing the issue. If there’s so much wax buildup that we can’t see your entire ear canal, we’ll clean that out before having a second look.

#3 – We’ll Remove Your Earwax

We’ll clean out your earwax by either irrigation, manual removal or both. We will use a syringe filled with warm water for the irrigation and a curette that scoops out the wax for the manual removal –this feels like a mild tickle in your ear for a moment or two.


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Earwax Removal In Action

Watch the videos below to see how we remove earwax safely, effectively and, free from any pain or discomfort. The before and after images really do speak for themselves! The difference is incredible.

Excessive earwax before removal


Clean ear after professional earwax removal at Holland Hearing