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Many are unaware that hearing care and hearing aids improve your balance, decreasing your risk of serious injury from a fall. In fact, a Washington University (St. Louis) study showed that those who use hearing aids to correct their hearing loss demonstrated a significantly higher ability to maintain their balance than those with an uncorrected hearing loss.

A trip to Fort Worth or Austin for expert hearing care is not necessary for Ranger, TX residents thanks to Holland Hearing. Our Abilene clinic is right here in the Big Country, where our trusted hearing care experts provide the personalized care you need through comprehensive hearing assessments, access to advanced technology hearing aids, specialized tinnitus management, and much more.

Your Journey to Better Hearing Begins with a Hearing Assessment

Serious injuries from falling are common with the elderly.

Because your ears and your hearing health are closely associated with your ability to remain steady on your feet, it is important to have your hearing tested frequently as you age. The best way to ensure that you continue to hear well for the rest of your life begins with early identification of your hearing loss through a hearing assessment.

The information our hearing care professionals gather from your hearing assessment in our Abilene clinic not only establishes the type and severity of your hearing loss but also provides the outline we use to personalize your hearing care to meet your unique needs.

Bringing Advanced Technology Hearing Aids to Ranger, TX

You are probably aware of how rapidly cell phones and other forms of digital technology have advanced in the last decade, but you may not realize that hearing aid technology has also seen enormous progress.

The bulky, ugly contraptions you think of when hearing aids are mentioned are destined for the museum rather than your ears. Lightweight, sleek, discreet, tech friendly, and far more powerful are features of modern hearing aids that lack in the devices of decades past.

Additionally, today’s devices produce more natural hearing clarity, have the capacity to reduce background noise, and the ability to connect directly to your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital technology for an improved hearing experience.

Big Country Texans Can Manage Tinnitus

An ability to focus, relax, or sleep due to the ringing, buzzing, or hissing in your ears is a common struggle faced by those experiencing tinnitus.

The added stress of your condition is apt to produce anxiety, frustration, or depression and can lead to a number of adverse mental and physical health conditions. Holland Hearing specializes in helping our patients manage the symptoms of tinnitus.

By scheduling a tinnitus assessment in our Abilene clinic, you or a loved one in the Ranger area can get the relief you need and get back to the rewarding and productive lifestyle you enjoy.

Safe and Convenient Appointment Alternatives

The focus of our practice at Holland Hearing is the patient, which is why we take the extra steps to provide safe and convenient curb-side and tele-audiology appointment alternatives to meet your needs.

Take advantage of rapid and secure hearing care without leaving the comfort of your vehicle by using our Curbside Service. From the curb of our Abilene clinic, you can expect a clean and check for your hearing aid(s), repairs for your device, troubleshooting help or adjustments, and hearing tests carried out by our hearing care professionals.

Travel, schedules, and other challenges can make an appointment in Abilene inconvenient, but we provide a solution. Although our no-contact, tele-audiology alternative to hearing care became a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve kept it going because we understand that hearing care needs from the comfort of your Ranger home is the solution for overcoming a variety of safety and convenience challenges.

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