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Whether you have enjoyed a productive day at work or a successful day of fishing, you are likely to return home exhausted. Many people with a hearing loss experience the same level of exhaustion without any reward from struggling to keep up with normal conversations, but expert hearing care can help reduce your fatigue.

Eastland, TX residents don’t have to travel to Fort Worth or Austin for expert hearing care. Holland Hearing in Abilene is home to the Big Country’s most trusted hearing care experts, meeting your needs with personalized hearing care such as comprehensive hearing assessments, access to advanced technology hearing aids, tinnitus management, and more.

A Hearing Assessment: Your First Step to Better Hearing

Straining to sort out a specific conversation from other background noises or conversations is the reason many with a hearing loss avoid family gatherings and social events.

A hearing assessment and hearing care can help you overcome the stress and allow you to continue to connect with those you love or enjoy a night out.

Identifying your hearing loss as early as possible provides the best opportunity to maximize your ability to hear for the rest of your life. Your hearing assessment in our Abilene clinic helps us identify the type and severity of your hearing loss and provides the information we need to customize care that meets your unique needs.

Eastland, TX Has Access to Advanced Technology Hearing Aids

Just like cell phone and other digital technology, hearing aid technology has progressed at a rapid pace.

Consequently, the stigma once attached to hearing aids is rapidly disappearing. Today’s hearing aids are sleek, discreet, tech friendly, and far more powerful than those from decades past.

Features of modern hearing aids include natural hearing clarity with background noise reduction and the capacity to connect directly to your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital technology for a better hearing experience.

Tinnitus Management for Big Country Texans

Among the common challenges faced by those experiencing the ringing, buzzing, or hissing of tinnitus is the ability to focus, relax, or sleep.

The added stress of tinnitus typically leads to anxiety, frustration, or depression as well as other negative mental and physical health conditions. Eastland residents can rest assured that Holland Hearing specializes in helping our patients manage the symptoms of tinnitus.

Seek the relief you or a loved one needs by scheduling a tinnitus assessment in our Abilene clinic.

Take Advantage of Convenient Consultation Alternatives

Patients are essential to Holland Hearing’s work, so we take the extra steps to provide hearing care that satisfies your need for safety and/or convenience with our curb-side and tele-audiology appointment alternatives.

Our Curbside Service offers a rapid, secure means for getting excellent hearing care support without leaving your vehicle. Once you pull up to the curb at our Abilene clinic, our hearing care professionals can provide a clean and check on your hearing aid(s), repair your device, help with troubleshooting or adjustments, and hearing tests.

There are times when travel, schedules, and other challenges make attending an appointment in Abilene inconvenient. Our no-contact alternative to hearing care became a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we continue to provide tele-audiology to meet your hearing care needs from the comfort of your Eastland home or wherever you happen to be.

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