Receive Expert Hearing Advice Remotely via ‘Tele Audiology’

The way humans communicate has rapidly evolved over the past twenty years. People in different cities, even countries, no longer see distance as a barrier. Instead, they’re exchanging ideas and information with each other through daily instant messages and video calls.

But the way audiologists dispense guidance and treatment has remained the same. Patients are still expected to spend time travelling to a clinic, check-in with a patient care coordinator, and then speak to a doctor in person.

That is until now. Holland Hearing has become one of the first clinics to offer “Tele Audiology” appointments to patients in the Big Country and West Texas. This landmark new service will revolutionize how they can gain access to doctors – improving convenience and wait times.

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What is Tele Audiology?

Instead of patients making lengthy journeys to attend personal meetings at clinics, “Tele Audiology” offers them a unique new way to speak with a doctor via their smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Without the need to take time off work or coordinate childcare arrangements, patients are now free to speak to an audiologist at a time that suits them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with most people’s movements reduced, this will be a welcome development for so many.

Both new and existing patients can benefit from this service. Those who are looking for initial advice on a possible hearing condition can arrange a confidential, no-obligation meeting with an audiologist.



Whereas, those who are already part of the Holland Hearing family can request a check-up with their personal doctor.

This is especially beneficial for those who have the latest hearing aid technology, as an audiologist can remotely adjust their devices during these virtual meetings.

The result is a patient’s device can now always reach its maximum potential wherever they are in the world.




Tele Audiology

How to Arrange a ‘Tele Audiology’ Initial Consultation’

Booking your first consultation with an audiologist is never easy. Studies show it takes an average of seven years between someone first recognizing their hearing issue to them taking the first step in hearing help.

This can be for a number of reasons. Some people choose to ignore their symptoms; others are concerned about what might happen during a hearing evaluation.

For these people, a “Tele Audiology” appointment can be a great first step to improving their hearing.

Initial consultations are short, 15-minute sessions, where you’ll speak to a doctor of audiology with years of experience in hearing health.

These are completely free, no-obligation meetings. Their primary purpose is to ensure that you make the right decisions about your hearing in the future.

To begin the process of addressing your hearing needs, fill out a form and a member of the Holland Hearing team will be in touch shortly.

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Upon confirming a time, you will receive email instructions that will confirm your date/time, test your speaker/camera, and share a link to click prior to the call.

Speak to a Doctor

At the agreed time, a doctor of audiology will enter the call for your face-to-face online appointment.

Complimentary Advice

You will receive in-depth advice and support with any questions or challenges that you may be facing. If further help is needed, then the doctor will be able to offer you professional advice.