6 Reasons Why Treating Your Hearing Loss Is Overrated

09/21/2022 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

why start now when you've been putting it off for so long?

Is it possible that all these years of helping thousands of people in Abilene achieve better hearing health was foolish?

Maybe we shouldn’t have told them they NEEDED to treat their hearing loss but instead told them why they SHOULDN’T.

Yes, I said, “shouldn’t.”

Because, let’s face it, one-third of the population with a hearing loss has chosen to avoid or delay treatment; they can’t be wrong, right?

In fact, we have heard years of excuses factual reasons as to why people delay treating their hearing loss, and we’d like to share them with you so you can be in the know too.

1. Kids And Grandkids: Who Wants To Hear Them Anyway?

You’re done when it comes to having to listen to your children and grandchildren ramble on and on about silly things you have no interest in.

Not being able to hear them clearly is such a blessing.

Sure, they’d rather talk to anyone but you these days, but they’ll come back and pick up where they left off when they’re older and wiser.

2. That Muffled Radio and TV…Music To My Ears!

It’s all about the volume, not the quality of crisp notes, fun movie scripts, and lyrics. Forget words. Turn up the bass and shake the walls.

Send your family running for the earplugs. It’s fun to recreate the concert experience of your youth in your own home. If it is a movie or show I want to understand, that’s what Closed Caption is for. I much prefer reading the script to watching the movie.

3. Your Spouse Doesn’t Say Anything You Want to Hear Anyway

It’s been a long time since you’ve had a meaningful conversation with your spouse.

Why start now when you’re used to the peace and quiet and feeling like you’re barely married at all? If they know you can hear, all those silly things like connection and discussions start right back up again.

ask your local hearing professional about a hearing test

4. You’d Rather Eat In Silence At A Restaurant

It’s rude to talk with your mouth full, so you’re saving people from having bad manners by letting them know early on that it’s pointless trying to talk to you.

You won’t know what they’re saying the first time around anyway, and possibly not even the second or third, so they can connect with other people rather than you and leave you eating in silence.

If you got your hearing treated, you’d have to connect with people again and enjoy hate the back and forth communication.

5. Why Waste Money On Something That Has Little Value?

Even though your hearing loss might only be due to earwax buildup, you know better. That’s when they suck you in and start talking about huge bills.

Your time and money are much better spent on things you’d actually enjoy, such as long, silent vacations, where no one wants to talk to you, or a lease on a luxury car, where you can listen to that muffled radio while asking your spouse to repeat themselves for the 100th time.

6. Everybody Loves Trying Hard To ‘Do Your Hearing For You.’

If you were to ask your loved ones what they most enjoy about you, the first thing that pops into their minds would have to be how much they love explaining conversations to you, having the TV volume up so loud it hurts their ears, taking all your phone calls for you, and shouting in every conversation.

They have nothing better to do with their time. Why ease their burden enjoyment by having your hearing treated?

We’re Kidding, But We’re Serious About Your Hearing Health

Yes, we’re joking. There’s really no good excuse for delaying hearing treatment and believe us, we’ve heard them all at Holland Hearing Center!

Having a hearing loss is no joke, and it’s often even harder on the family, especially when you deny your hearing difficulties or you acknowledge it but refuse to do anything about it.

You can end all the snide comments and nagging by starting with a hearing test. It’s short and non-invasive, and you’ll get the results right after the test – in the same visit.

We’ll talk with you about your options so you can take your time choosing the best fit for your lifestyle, budget, and hearing needs.

Schedule a hearing test with us here, or call us at (325) 437-4730 with any questions you might have.

As you can see above, there’s really no good excuse to avoid a hearing test, and you’ll be amazed at how good it is to hear those sweet sounds again and reconnect with your loved ones with the right hearing treatment for you.

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Dr. Kelsi Mangrem AU.D, FAAA

Dr. Kelsi Mangrem received her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, as well as her Doctorate of Audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). Whether a patient, employee, or industry colleague, the philosophy of service to others resonates throughout her character.

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