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The Give Hear Program officially launched November 1, 2019. This program will allow those in our community who have hearing loss and cannot otherwise afford hearing help, the opportunity to receive that help.

Our hope is to provide a life changing opportunity to those right here in our own community. Historically, donated hearing aids were sent to a national organization that obviously had no effect on individuals right here in town. Now, with this new program, we can help address that unmet need.

Candidates who wish to benefit from this program must apply through 2-1-1 and meet certain criteria. If selected, the candidate will be eligible for services as well as donated hearing aids. Donated hearing aids, provided by patient’s and the local community, are sent off to be reconditioned and repurposed in order to provide these individuals with quality equipment.

United Way of Abilene & 2-1-1

In order for this program to be successful, those interested in giving back are encouraged to do so through the trade-in incentive plan. Based upon the age and condition of your hearing aids, Holland Hearing will in turn determine their credit value.

If you know of someone who may benefit from this service, please have them call 2-1-1 for further information on how to apply. If you would like to donate used or dated hearing aids to this program, we ask that you call Holland Hearing Center at (325) 437-4730.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Give Hear Program between Holland Hearing Center and United Way/211 Texas A Call for Help?

This program was designed and created to help those in our Big Country community who have a hearing deficit and cannot otherwise afford hearing aids. This program allows those who need hearing help, the opportunity to obtain that help  through Holland Hearing Center’s Give Hear Program, which will allow the candidate to be evaluated, and if there is a need for a device(s), the candidate will then be fitted and given the hearing device(s).

Is there a cost involved for the person receiving the hearing device(s)?

No, there is no cost involved for those who receive the hearing device(s) from the Give Hear Program.

Am I given a new hearing device?

The devices given through this program have been graciously donated by Holland Hearing Center patients or other community individuals.  Each hearing aid is sent off to be reconditioned and repurposed before fitting on the Give Hear Program recipient.

How do I qualify?

Dial 211.
Indicate you are interested in Holland Hearing Center’s Give Hear Program
Complete a Needs Assessment through 211.
Provide the necessary documentation of financial need, as well as hearing loss and hearing device(s) candidacy.
Schedule an appointment for a hearing aid consultation with Holland Hearing Center within a week of approval from 211.

How do I donate my hearing devices to this program?

Donations are encouraged. Contact Holland Hearing Center at (325) 437-4730 and we would be happy to outline the donation process.

What happens when I need assistance with my hearing device(s) after I receive them from the Give Hear Program?

Holland Hearing Center will provide in-house services to recipients of this program for 1 full year or up to 3 appointments after the fitting of the devices; whichever comes first. Thereafter, patients may utilize our services at a discounted rate.

Great service!

- Dr. Howard Tobin -

Holland Hearing is a very good place to go. They are very knowledgeable, very respectful. Thanks for being in Abilene.

- Don Harless -

Had gotten hearing aids from another facility in town, never heard another word from them. Holland called several times to make sure everything was ok.

- Kelly McCarty -

Great attention paid to my needs and the details of programming the aids.

- Bill Fahey -