Over the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented huge challenges for all of us across Texas. These have been particularly felt among the people of Abilene and its surrounding communities, who we’ve served since 2004.

But amidst this upheaval, we have adapted to the crisis. And throughout this, our patients’ welfare has remained at the forefront of our decision-making process.

Making the right calls

Like many businesses, we were forced to alter our services when Governor Abbot issued his executive order in March. But this got us thinking – how can we still meet our patients’ needs when gatherings between people are prohibited?

That’s when we developed our curbside pick-up initiative. With a scheduled appointment, patients could be served by our specialist without leaving their vehicle. This minimized contact between individuals and ensured those with a hearing aid concern could be advised rapidly.

Also, we created a free delivery service so anyone in need could have hearing aid supplies transported straight to their door. But soon, we also wanted to ensure that patients could contact their doctor of audiology for one-to-one assistance

That’s when we developed our ground-breaking Telehealth platform, Tele Audiology. Instead of requiring patients to drive to our location, we would contact them directly and advise them from their homes.

Using the latest communication technology, our doctors of audiology could offer advice and guidance on a range of issues faced by those in our community. We paired this service with “remote assist” hearing aid software, which allowed us to adjust patients’ hearing devices via their internet connection.

As we developed this service, we realized it wasn’t just a solution for COVID-19, but ideally suited to busy parents and working professionals who struggled to make appointments. This means we’ve decided to continue Tele Audiology for years to come.

Into the future

As the state begins to adjust to new normal conditions, we’ve created a brand-new set of protocols designed to protect every patient who comes through our doors. Staff will be equipped with full personal protection equipment and undergo rigorous cleanliness rituals to reduce any form of transmission.

Extra time will also be set aside between appointments, so examination rooms and hallways can be thoroughly cleaned. We’ll also ask patients to wash their hands and check their fitness before we treat them.

It’s just another way we’re putting our community’s health at the center of how we adapt to the pandemic’s challenges.

These are just some of the stats we’ve clocked up since the start of the outbreak:

  • 309 curbside appointments
  • 751 calls to check on patients
  • 58 patients provided with free deliveries
  • 14 hearing aids remotely programmed
  • 188 cups of coffee drunk
  • 5 kids home-schooled
  • 1 new office doorbell purchased

Are you concerned about hearing loss? Contact us now, and we can help you make the right decisions about your hearing today!

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Dr. Sue Ann Holland AU.D, FAAA

Dr. Sue Ann Holland AU.D, FAAA

Dr. Sue Ann Holland received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in Communication Disorders from The University of Texas at Austin. She obtained her Doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University within the Arizona School of Health Sciences. Knowledge, compassion, and care resonate in her interactions with others.
    My experience with Holland Hearing from day one was wonderful!How Bill Was ‘Floored’ By The Difference
    I first realized that I had a hearing loss 30 years ago when I started to hear a bothersome noise in my ears. I first thought this was tinnitus. The first person that I went to said I had a little high frequency loss and there was nothing that could be done about my tinnitus. Then I started having difficulty accurately hearing certain words, especially in crowds or at a restaurant. As time passed and I knew I needed to get my hearing tested again, my biggest fear was that the tinnitus could not be mitigated and that any devices I needed were financially out of my reach. My experience with Holland Hearing from day one was wonderful! I met with Dr. Sue Ann and was made to feel comfortable. I felt like I was important to her and her staff, and that they would stick with me until I was satisfied that my hearing issues were resolved. Everyone was friendly, professional, patient, and genuinely concerned about my situation and resolving my issues. I was floored at the difference the hearing aids made! The devices had a feature to help me cope with the tinnitus and I quickly realized I had been missing out on so much because my hearing was definitely not what it needed to be and could be. The “quality of life” thing exists and was so vastly improved after getting tested and fitted for hearing aids. And I actually was able to afford them! Holland Hearing had payment options that fit my financial life perfectly. If you’re considering visiting Holland Hearing Center, I would say that you would not find a better group of hearing professionals anywhere else. I had experience in Abilene and in Dallas with other audiologists and their staff were not at all positive. Holland Hearing was outstanding in all elements of what I expected from the experience. Anyone in this area who has any concerns about their hearing needs to drop everything and get an appointment with Dr. Mangrem or Dr. Holland as soon as they can. You will be absolutely pleased with the results.

    Being a musician is extremely taxing on your hearing…
    “I’m a singer and I’ve sung I don’t know how many times in Abilene over the last 30 years. I came here for my most important stop, Holland Hearing Center. I have severe hearing loss from loud music and shooting guns. I hope if you have hearing loss that you should take my word, I could go anywhere in the world, I choose to come to Abilene to Holland Hearing Center.”

    Gary Morris – Legendary Country Artist
    It is wonderful to be able to hear again.Nancy Shares Her Difficult Previous Experiences and How Holland Hearing Helped
    At age 62 years old, I had my first hearing test and learned I had lost the high pitch sounds in my left ear. It was a bit scary but as I continued to lose more hearing in that ear and some in my right ear, it really started hindering my association with family and friends, making me uncomfortable because I had to ask them to repeat their conversation to me. Because I am very claustrophobic and had been treated harshly when attempting to have further hearing tests at two or three different places throughout the years, I was very scared and hesitant about having a hearing test. In fact, I wouldn’t have gone for another hearing test, but after hearing me say, “Huh?” and, “What?” to almost every sentence, my husband called Holland Hearing without asking me. I found the experience excellent! Dr. Mangrem was extremely patient and understanding with me, making the whole experience very pleasant. For five years prior to my appointment, I had worn a hearing amplifier in my left ear that I had purchased through the mail. It helped me hear a little better but there were disadvantages. It required batteries and the device would squeal loudly when that ear was pressed when hugging, etc. With the ReSound Hearing Aids I purchased at Holland Hearing, both of those problems were eliminated. I hadn’t realized how much I was missing. It is wonderful to be able to hear again. If you’re considering Holland Hearing Center, my advice to you is to make an appointment and give them a chance to give you back as much hearing as possible. It will change your daily life.

    How Hearing Loss Was Impacting Richard ImgrahamRichard’s Advice for Anybody That Thinks ‘Hearing Aids are for Old People’
    I first noticed that I might have a hearing loss when my wife said I never listen anymore. I had noticed some ringing in my ears and some tone loss but prior to my appointment with Holland Hearing Center, I believed my hearing loss was just a part of getting old and that hearing devices were too intrusive and annoying for me to be comfortable with them (which I now know not to be true – I barely notice they’re there unless I fidget with them). My experience at my first appointment was awesome. I had decided to address my issue with a new attitude – be honest and accept the inevitable. I did not realize that I only had a certain frequency loss. The enhancement of that is amazing. Wearing hearing aids means that I can now comfortably play and listen to music. I’m so amazed at the difference in the sound quality I can hear. And as for my wife, she loves me more because I am not ignoring her unintentionally. Because they are Bluetooth connected to my phone, I can better listen to phone calls, the radio, sports, and even meditation therapy. My advice to you is that hearing aids are not just for old people. Everyone at any age needs the most optimal capability of any of our senses given to us by God. Vision, dental, or even hearing. Holland Hearing understands this and I found them to be very patient and educational. Please don’t short yourself on the best quality of life. Richard