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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Before I visited Holland Hearing Center, I had become withdrawn Socially. I was uncomfortable in group situations when the speaker was not facing me. I withheld from Conversation due to lack of accurate hearing, and hearing was impossible in restaurants or noisy places. But now that I have Starkey hearing devices that coordinate with an App on my smartphone, I can adjust my hearing devices to help me hear better in social settings, restaurants, church, movies, my car, the phone and even listen to my music via blue tooth. I feel so much more alive and happy and more a part of my family and friends. It is as if better hearing improved all 5 of my Senses. Life is no longer muffled; it is healthy and interactive. I love my improved hearing!

When I walk into Holland Hearing Center, I am met with a joyful greeting and warm smile from the front office staff. The waiting area is pleasant and comfortable, but I am never in there very long! My hearing aid specialist, Dr. Sue Holland, patiently and kindly adjusts my hearing tone levels according to my personal likes and dislikes via a computer program. And unlike another office I had used in the past, Holland Hearing Center understands the Special hearing needs and preferences of each individual patient.

I had been wearing hearing devices for a couple of years before I decided to visit Holland Hearing Center. They discussed my specific type of hearing loss and suggested the most appropriate hearing aid options to compensate for my hearing deficits. And after I was fitted with my new hearing devices, the quality of my life improved greatly through enhanced hearing, improved Social interactions and stimulation of my mind. My old hearing devices usually laid around on the Counter most of the day, but my new Starkey hearing devices from Holland Hearing Center are Comfortably in my ears first thing in the morning!

Kathy C.Abilene, TX

I realized I was having difficulty hearing when there was background noise, talking with a soft spoken person or when I was driving and trying to hear the person speaking to me that was seated in the back seat of my car.

Holland Hearing performed my hearing test and quickly determined how to address my low frequency hearing loss and to address the speech issue as well.

I had no idea what I was missing. Voices and sounds are so clear now.

I have been treated with the utmost respect in the Holland Hearing Center. Their main concern has been fitting me with devices that would best fit my lifestyle. They did an excellent job with it. My Halo's are awesome:) I definitely recommend Holland Hearing Center to anyone for their hearing needs.

To be honest Holland Hearing Center was recommended to me, so therefore I did not visit any other hearing centers.

I want to say thank you to Holland Hearing Center and Ms. Holland for everything they did to make it possible for me to be able to have my Halo's. Holland Hearing Center makes patients feel special, not embarrassed that they wear devices.

Shanna A.Abilene, TX

Before getting my hearing devices, I could hear people, but not understand. Now I can understand what people are saying! I recently went to a family reunion and could enjoy being in the crowd and understanding the conversations around me. I also have more fun with my grandchildren!

Working with Holland Hearing was an excellent experience! I have enjoyed having my hearing devices and being able to hear makes it so much less tiring being around people.

Barbara B.Abilene, TX

Before I came to Holland Hearing Center, I could hear, but not understand people or a sermon at church. I had to ask people to repeat questions. I received good service and was given a good explanation of the range of hearing aid choices. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful and Dr. Holland to be excellent.

Beverly B.Abilene, TX

I felt like my hearing was almost gone and my new hearing devices are the best I have ever had. I can hear so good, I hear sounds I could not hear before. If you have a hearing problem, go to Holland Hearing Aid Center. I think you will be pleased with their service and hearing devices.

Juanita M.Aspermont, TX

BOY!! What a relief in purchasing these hearing devices. I didn't know what I was missing. My experience at Holland Hearing Center has been very rewarding. From my first appointment, till my last appointment on the final follow-up, I have been 110% satisfied. Dr. Holland was very nice. She was not pushy in selling the product - you make your own choice after she made her presentation. I would recommend this company to anyone. AGAIN, THANKS FOR LETTING ME HEAR AGAIN.

Steve B.Abilene, TX

I got tired of feeling 'left out', of missing conversations and having to ask people to repeat themselves. If I had known what a difference it would make in my life, I would have called much sooner! Sue Ann is the most caring and professional individual I know. She works with you until you're satisfied and never gives up. She makes you feel comfortable and special as if you're her only patient. I recommend her highly and think of her as a friend.

Jan K.Abilene, TX

I was frustrated at not being able to hear in a crowd or if someone whispered and not being able to hear my family and friends. I was so impressed with the Hollands who were very friendly and professional. They made me feel right at home and Sue Ann presented options in a way that I know when the time comes I'll be ready and able to use them. I love how well they (the hearing devices) work and that they are so easy to wear. I was afraid when I went the first time that I wouldn't be able to understand how to use the hearing devices but she really made it easy. She's a very special lady! Thank you for giving my life back. I can now go any place and be able to hear over the crowd, even hear people when they whisper. If I had known then what I know now, I would not have waited!

Patricia B.Brownwood, TX

I have known Sue Ann Holland both professionally and personally for many years. Dr. Holland is technically, academically and personally one of the finest people I have known. I have referred several of my friends to her to benefit from her audiologic services. Without fail they have been professionally and personally impressed with her knowledge and ability to take care of their needs with a very personal approach.

I recommend her highly to anyone who needs help with hearing or any other services she provides.

Dr. Seale T. C.Brownwood, TX

Patients recognize the name Sue Ann Holland as one who listens carefully, evaluates with skill, explains her findings and supplies the needs of the hearing impaired with consideration of the patient’s lifestyle. Physicians and those who make referrals are confident that their patient will receive the optimum attention and the best in technology to meet their individual hearing needs.

Dr. Virginia B. C.Abilene, TX

I love to listen to good music, and visit with family and friends. I love to listen to the soft, sweet voices of my great- grandchildren. Thanks to Sue Ann, I am now able to do all of these wonderful things. I am so grateful to her for these blessings.

Dorothy H.Abilene, TX

I knew I had a hearing problem, but I didn't realize how bad it was. Sue Ann Holland, at Holland Hearing Center, tested my hearing and fitted me with the latest digital hearing devices. Now when I turn the television on, my family and friends ask, "Can you hear that – would you mind turning it up so we can hear?" I think Sue Ann Holland and her staff at Holland Hearing Center are the best in Abilene.

James T.Clyde, TX

When my husband received his new hearing devices it was a life changing thing for us.

Nadine R.Abilene, TX

Holland Hearing Center has provided me with hearing devices that enhance my enjoyment of the company of my favorite companions.

Julia J. M.Abilene, TX

Dr. Holland and her staff are knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I am very grateful for her evaluation and recommendations. It has made a wonderful difference in my life.

Dr. Samuel D. B.Abilene, TX

Good hearing is like good health. Hearing what’s really going on makes you feel better. Get a better feeling. Call Holland Hearing Center!

Lou P.Abilene, TX

When I realized how much I was missing by not understanding a lot of what was being said around me I asked several of my friends and customers that wore hearing devices who I should go see. Holland Hearing Center was the overwhelming recommendation. I’ve now had my hearing devices for almost 2 years. I wouldn’t be without them. I am not sure my experience would be so positive if it weren’t for the professional, patient and proficient care delivered by Holland Hearing Center.

Jon T.Abilene, TX

I had noticed a decline in my hearing through the years, but there were two defining events that had me to do something. 1) I had to ask a soft-spoken grandson to repeat himself too many times and 2) While teaching classes in the newly remolded “Old Main” auditorium at McMurry, I had a difficult time hearing students’ questions. The entire staff is helpful, friendly, fun, & loving! Of course I felt comfortable there!

Pug P.Abilene, TX

I had to turn the TV volume up very loud or use closed captioning. I often missed what my husband was saying and would ask him to repeat. Through this journey, satisfaction was a priority of mine and Holland Hearing Center excelled! The staff genuinely wants to help improve my quality of life and not just interested in a sale. They want to ensure my comfort with the device before I purchased hearing devices. I am amazed at the environmental sounds I was missing!

Ellen S.Abilene, TX

The best service and care I’ve had! I have worn hearing devices about 40 years and none of them ever worked like I thought. These new hearing devices from Holland Hearing Center have improved my hearing 100%. Sue Ann is very knowledgeable and careful to listen to your concerns.

Richard N.Abilene, TX

TOP OF THE LIST! Holland Hearing Center is the best I have been taken care of. I inquired about the new technology and Sue Ann showed me the ties with the iPhone and all the environmental adjustments through your phone! I purchased my hearing devices within 30 minutes including demos, fittings, and a consultation to fit my needs.

Roger & Mary B.Abilene, TX