Hearing Loss Resulting from Noise

Hearing Loss Resulting from Noise

Hearing loss is an increasingly common condition in the younger population today. Around 13% of men aged between 20 and 69 reported having some form of hearing loss due to exposure to noise. Preventative measures need to therefore be implemented to help protect the hearing of the music-loving younger generation today.

Noise-induced hearing loss can result from extended exposure to sound levels that exceed 85 dB. Excessively loud sound levels take lesser amount of time to damage hearing. Noisy music that can reach up to 115 dB, video games that can emit 110 dB, and power tools that can produce over 90 dB are all potential threats to hearing.

The rate of hearing loss is increasing predominantly in men but also to a decreased extent in women. The only true way you can prevent hearing loss is by using ear protection prior to exposing yourself to loud noises. Hearing loss not only damages hearing, it also damages personal relationships and can result in social withdrawal that might lead to depression and major health conditions such as dementia.

As it is widely known, prevention is always better than the cure. This is why it is best to always use earplugs before attending loud outdoor events and using earmuffs before operating power tools. Always listen to your personal audio device at a lower, soothing volume and use noise-cancellation headphones to eliminate any potential background noise.

Hearing loss is an irreversible condition that can have adverse physiological and psychological effects. Research suggests that men are more prone to hearing loss caused by noise. It is time to protect your hearing so that you do not need to invest in lengthy, expensive measures to restore your hearing later in life. Sound is always sweeter when you can hear it with your own ears instead of with the help of a hearing aid.